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Jorvik Dig Visitor Guide

Jorvik Dig Visitor Guide

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Embark on an archaeological adventure at the Jorvik Dig Visitor Centre, an immersive experience that takes you beneath the surface of York's rich history. Step into the shoes of an archaeologist as you uncover the secrets of the past at this hands-on excavation site. Equipped with tools and guided by experts, visitors of all ages can participate in the thrill of discovery, sifting through layers of soil to unearth artifacts from different eras. The interactive exhibits offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of archaeological research, shedding light on the techniques used to unearth and preserve the remnants of centuries gone by. Engage with the historical narrative as you explore the artifacts uncovered from York's underground, gaining a deeper understanding of the city's evolution over time. The Jorvik Dig Visitor Centre offers a unique and educational experience, allowing visitors to play an active role in uncovering the mysteries of the past in the heart of one of England's most historically rich cities.v


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